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Garden design: Farewell sadness

Chateauneuf-le-Rouge, 2022

The aim of this project was to modernize and structure a garden surrounded by rounded shapes.

Landscape design:

The driveway leading to the car park will be totally hidden of the garden thanks to a tall and dense vegetation.

petanque is located at the back of the house, wooded and flat area. A path along the house brings us to the main garden where we have created multiple living areas with as a central element: the swimming pool.

Asummer kitchen shaded by a bioclimatic pergola with his summer lounge, a wooden deck on stilts out of sight, a large dining table under a green pergola.

wise choice of different materials will give this exterior a note of modernity.

Finally, the scattered light fixtures throughout the garden will make it possible to prolong the beautiful summer days until the evening.

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