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the interview

Hello Team IDO, who are you?

Celia: Creative, sensitive and curious, I am amazed by the living world. Lover of Art, Yoga and passionate about vegetal.

Francois: Touched by everything related to creative: Drawing, Architecture, Cooking, Music. I am the "Geek from the tape and I have a hard time leaving my screen :)

Olivier: Fan of sports, nature and wide open spaces. A strong attraction to design and of course our friends the gardens.

Your style of garden?

Celia: What matters to me is harmony and the global atmosphere that emerges from an exterior, the emotion it arouses, that it puts awakened senses, without being frozen or too mineral.

Francis:  I like it contemporary, the clean lines. That said, by dint of following Olivier on his travels in Provence, I learned to love the outdoors more Mediterranean,more cluttered, more messy.

Olivier: Above all, I don't want to confine myself to a specific atmosphere. Each garden is unique and largely depends on the sensitivity of our customers.

Photo de l'équipe IDO Jardins, Célia, François et Olivier

What do you like about each other's work?

Celia: Olivier is an expert in his domain he has a thousand ideas on time and always finds solutions to problems.

François has a sense of retail, anxious to always do his best and curious of all.

Francis: Célia has a real gift for aesthetic. She is too serious that funny, and that suits us well at IDO :)

What is good with Olivier is that everything he imagines he already has made with his own hands so from a point of view creative but also technical, he always has the answer to everything.

Olivier: François, he's a clever mix between artistic and the meticulous, a jack-of-all-trades, and an ace of communication. Célia is truly passionate about our profession. The fact of coming from a different artistic world (the fashion) brings a fresh look to our designs and a true complementarity.




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