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Garden design: New beginning

Tassin-la-Demi-Lune, 2023

After having their house built, our clients used our services in order to imagine a garden responding to their needs starting from (almost) nothing.

Located on sloping ground, it was necessary rework the levels which led us to create different levels for optimize space as best as possible. 

Landscape design:

The entry, without pretension, was very intentional vegetated around the driveway in paving stones leading to the garage.

On the west side, the master suite will benefit from its private terrace, and children will be able to enjoy a space to enjoy safely away from the pool.


On the north side, the existing slope will be transformed into three levels: the first for the dining area adjoining the house, the second for the swimming pool and the pool house with garden furniture, and the third for a very cocooning which will benefit from the runoff of water from the infinity pool.

Everything has been designed to preserve a visual unit in order to provide perfect harmony in the garden.

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