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Garden creation: Canopy

Marseilles, 2023

An original garden, in particular by its verticality. Fortunately, the effort to reach the summit is largely compensated by the panoramic view unique on the surrounding creeks

Landscape design:

Difference in height obliges, the rise is strewn with restanques of different sizes. Two large staircases meet halfway to become one until the house. 

Everything up there rubs shoulders 2 large terraces. One of them, sheltered by a green pergola, will host a large dinner table. The terrace will be extended thanks to the roof terrace from the guest studio below. A hut in the big pine will be built for the happiness of young and old alike. 
The other terrace will host a summer lounge, shaded by a sailing boat
overflowing swimming pool will find its place on the edge of the cliff...sensations guaranteed.
The sound of the fountain close to the summer living room will bring a sense of freshness during hot summer days. 
two big corten panels will delimit the access to the back of the house, where the wood storage as well as the chicken coop

A garden atypical and optimized !

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