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Garden renovation: Provencal stone

Maussane-les-Alpilles, 2019

This pretty property located in the Alpilles massif asks only to offer a garden that lives up to its location. The aging fleet requires a complete rehabilitation and an global reconfiguration.

Landscape design:

Therefore we are going reconfigure spaces while maintaining the provencal atmosphere and natural of the place.

There pool is going to be renovated to give it a basin style, surrounded by an aged wooden terrace.

dovecote in local stone will be built and will be surrounded by a low stone wall which will level the ground around the house and the swimming pool.

At the bottom of the garden tennis as well as an area of child games will take place. Everything will be hidden by vegetation mainly composed of persistent topics.

It's more than 200 trees and 50 species different which will be planted in the 2 hectares of the garden.

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