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Garden design: Green bathing

Vienna, 2018

Reinvent from A to Z a garden surrounding a magnificent property located in the Viennes country side.

Landscape design:

As a first step, the entrance and the parking area will be redesigned. A ancient fountain will take place in front of the entrance of the house.

All the terraces will be redesigned by integrating several materials ranging from chandor stone passing through petrified wood and different metals.

hot tub and an spa area will be created.

All the pool area will be revised by integrating a magnificent stone summer kitchen as well as many corten planters.

An old tennis will be replaced by a play area for children, A orchard and a small independent garden for a guest house.

pond and one stream cascade will be dug.

In end of many lights will be placed in the different corners (and god knows there are many of them :)

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