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Garden design: Le Riviera

Cavalaire-sur-mer, 2022

This contemporary property, located by the sea is currently under construction. Thanks to the architect's plans provided by our customers, we were able to design this ultra design garden.

Landscape design:

As soon as you pass the gate, the tone is set: modern and clean. Of the pavers anthracite, a carport tailor-made combining drink and concrete to house the motorcycles, a wall waterfall and his massive exotic below to break the height of the wall.

Of the rounded steps in waxed concrete as well as footsteps Japanese circulars in wood meander in the luxurious vegetation.

There overflowing swimming pool is surrounded by different living spaces. A stone terrace will accommodate a large table under a pergola bioclimatic.  A wooden terrace will allow you to relax, sheltered by the sails of the boat and cradled by un modern basin attached. Finally a suspended terrace, in safety glass, overlooking an exotic massif, will accentuate the unique atmosphere of this garden.

There west area, is devoted to games and as always...relaxation: a large wooden terrace bordering the bedrooms with sun bathing, A hanging bench, a petanque… enough to spend beautiful sunny summers!

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