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Garden design: Playing with the slope

Charbonnieres-les-bains, 2022

After having built a contemporary house, our clients have called on our services to develop this land on several levels.

Landscape design:

A descent into coated provides access to the house. A path bypasses the building in an atmosphere vegetated and design.

On the south side, the swimming pool takes place in front of the house, surrounded by a large porcelain stoneware terrace embedded with a wooden beach. A pretty custom pergola and vegetated will enhance the look cocoon.

Along the house, wood storage and a shed will be melted into a luxurious vegetation.

A staircase gives access to the lower part of the garden, unsuspected and dedicated to games. An area while rounded highlighted by a retaining wall in vertical timbers. A petanque will naturally find its place below the ground. 

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