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Garden layout: Modern Provence

Luberon, 2023

The request for a client note was simple: to echo the renovation of his house and fit in with modernity in this exceptional environment.

Landscape design:

We took advantage of the natural slope of the garden to create three levels.

The highest, close to the house, has a large dinner table, shaded with lightness thanks to des boat sails.

The intermediate level is made up of a circular bench masonry, surrounded by lush plants. A hot tub located near the rooms will allow you to relax in a ozy atmosphere.

The low level, home a overflowing swimming pool, with a small summer lounge as well as sun bathing.

Finally, a charming outdoor lounge has found its place, out of sight and out of sight, near a guest bedroom. 

Finally, a light show elegant will prolong the summer evenings until the end of the night.

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