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Garden creation: the lagoon

Rognes, 2023

As often, after the renovation of the house, comes that of the garden.

After having exchange with our customers on their preferences and their cravings, we tackled the creation of this project.

Landscape design:

The front of the house is the subject of a restructuring in order to clearly delimit spaces such as the garage access, the journey towards the front door and a summer terrace for the guest room.

Garden side, 2 wooden terraces surrounded by stone walls respectively extend the living room and the master bedroom.

The centerpiece of the garden is a few steps from the house: a lagoon pool with its submerged beach, a pontoon and an terrace shaped wood rounded. The whole is bathed in a tropical vegetation for an extraordinary summer atmosphere.

A pergolawood-metal will house a summer kitchen so you don't miss anything on hot summer days.

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