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Garden renovation: Senteurs de Provence

Gordes, 2015-2021.

This 17th century mill was one of two windmills in the town. It was transformed into a house  from mid 20th century. In 1965 a fire almost completely destroyed it. Then from 1970 to 2021, it was gradually rehabilitated by owners passionate about this place.

Landscape design:

The work to beautify this garden required a lot of research and patience. Indeed, unlike many of our projects, our client's request was to spread the work over several years.

The first step was to structure the garden with some restanques, of the pathways and a lot of freestone constructions.

Then gradually we started to plant beds (hundreds of plants each year) while integrating small Provençal touches: pergola, vegetable garden, bench, wooden wheel, sundial.

Today the work is almost finished and offers a unique rendering as well as a striking contrast between the old stones and the colors of the massifs.

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