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Garden design: Renaissance

Marseilles, 2022

With this lush garden, our design office has been able to give a second life to this somewhat neglected exterior over the years. 

The different spaces of the garden have been redefined, and the restructuring has taken place through a subtle mix of materials (plant, stone, metal) and an alternation of curves and straight lines.

With the choice of an adapted plant palette to the soil and the climate, we find here plants such as lavender, rosemary, olive or even cycads... as well as beautiful perennials bringing color to all.

contemporary touch is provided by the use of corten steel (oxidized metal) in different parts of the garden as well as a rectilinear view screen in drink.

bioclimatic pergola shelters a large dining table for good convivial meals sheltered from the sun close to the pool. At nightfall, this beautiful garden will be enhanced by carefully placed lights.

Landscape design:

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