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Garden design: From A to Z

Aix-en-Provence, 2022

It is with pleasure that we found our customers 5 years after carrying out a first garden project with them.

For this new challenge, we started from scratch, a virgin land and head full of dreams. A few meetings with the architect of the house and our clients allowed us to choose the guideline.

Landscape design:

From the first project, they were thrilled, all that was left to do was refine it all, find the landscapers and get to work, while working closely with the other trades.

A large area for children (the lucky ones), a pool, A tower of the most design house, of the plantations, of the pathways, of the level games, in short, a thoughtful exterior as a whole.

In less than two years, the house and the garden were finalized… so what do you think?

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