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Garden creation: the valley of wonders

Chatillon, 2023

Located right in theheart of a beautiful valley, our client called on our design office to design a garden in harmony with this exceptional natural environment.

Landscape design:

Access to the property opens with a spacious parking, framed by stone planters overflowing with exuberant vegetation.

Of the unstructured stairs lead to the main entrance, surrounded by a zen garden soothing.

Around the house, terraces offer living spaces varied, each benefiting from a panoramic view of the valley.

A mound built into large massif incorporates a staircase going down to a vegetable garden, adding a functional touch to this harmonious oasis.

Once is not customary, we proposed a alternative project to our customer, more natural. There is the word "variant" on the images.


Can’t wait for the work to begin!

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