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Light in the garden

Lighting your garden is to give it a style , an identity . When we want to highlight a space, we must question the expected result and the lifestyle of its inhabitants. Finding the right lighting implies mastering the terrain:

A landscape designer will be of good advice.

Like a staging, we bring a theatrical note. The idea is not to see that we light up but what we illuminate. To best combine the magic of the place and the functional aspect, two types of lighting share the deal: the direct and the indirect (even invisible).

The first seeks to highlight a particular element, such as a spotlight, or an LED bar, placed under a tree, letting the light go up to the foliage.

While the second uses a support such as a wall in order to absorb light and some send back into space. The latter, much softer and less dazzling allows you to play with shadows, and to let poetry in.

For the paths and the aisles, it is better to be guided by the light of solar stakes or of recessed lamps on the ground in a row in order to emphasize the whole while the lighting of the plant will be much more subtle.

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