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Color in the garden!

Using color in a garden sparingly , gives a real personality to its exterior. In addition, by using a color present in the interior of the house, we can make a reminder inside / outside of the most beautiful effect.


If you are afraid of getting bored, do not hesitate to use colorful furniture that will be easily interchangeable.

Other solutions for my garden?

Regarding plants, thanks to the chromatic circle colors, associating them becomes child's play. A monochrome of 3 more or less dark tones of the same color? An agreement by contrast by associating the complementary color? An adjacent chord that pairs your favorite color with the two neighboring colors on the color wheel?

The only downside is that in the garden, the plants are in place for several years, and sometimes, the Harlequin effect, well, you get tired of it quickly!

And if harmonized  just that?

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