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  • IDO Jardins - Architecte paysagiste | Lyon - Aix-en-Provence - Marseille - Luberon - Cote d'Azur

    Architecte paysagiste. Jardin méditerranéen avec fontaine. Luberon Architecte paysagiste. Aménagement paysager type méditerranéen avec une fontaine d'eau. Luberon Jardin de nuit avec pergola ciel étoilé Jardin de nuit avec pergola ciel étoilé Architecte paysagiste. Libellule. Luberon Architecte paysagiste. Libellule. Luberon Architecte paysagiste. Jardin méditerranéen avec fontaine. Luberon Architecte paysagiste. Aménagement paysager type méditerranéen avec une fontaine d'eau. Luberon 1/10 Our design office On the main lines For more than 10 years , our design office imagines and designs outdoor spaces unique and who look like you throughout the southeastern quarter of France . Thanks to the ' experience and at expertise of Olivier Mosnier , founder of IDO Jardins and his team ( Celia Leroy and François Vasserot ), we suggest you manage your project from A to Z . Our passion and our creativity allow us to respond to all your requests, whatever the size , there topography where the style expected garden . ​ surrounded by serious partners and qualified , we ensure the good proceedings works and will be your single point of contact until delivery. ​ For more details on all the steps, click here . Examples of achievements At IDO Jardins we love all styles: m editerranean , p rovencal , contemporary , natural ., zen .. here are some examples of achievements. The garden with golden stones Romantic You can also access all of our achievements by clicking here

  • Architecte paysagiste | Jardin ambiance cosy avec piscine et terrasses ombragées | Lyon | IDO Jardins

    Garden design: Cozy atmosphere Genas, 2023 Once the renovation of their finished house, our clients have called on our services to design a cozy and natural exterior . Landscape design: We started by masking the view of the parking lot using openwork vertical timbers , where are inserted climbers . A journey in not japanese leads to the main entrance of the house. Coast south , we used the drop to create a large terrace partly sheltered by a green pergola . Of wide stairs on either side of the masonry bench , provide access to the pool area . The plants that we have selected will enhance the atmosphere lush and cozy f the garden. Back to projects Vidéo jardin fini Previous project Projet suivant

  • Architecte paysagiste | Toutes nos réalisations | France | IDO Jardins

    Completed projects For more than 10 years, IDO jardins has used all itsexpertise and hiscreativity to achieve landscaping that suits you.

  • Projets termines - 21 | IDO Jardins

    Landscape Design: Romantic Lubéron, 2022 design a colorful garden and romantic in a property of more than two hectares overlooking one of the most beautiful villages in France: Gordes . ​ Landscape design: One of the major challenges of this project was to create a provencal garden while taking into account the expectations and the culture of our US customers . ​ In order to bring a artistic touch , corresponding to the sensitivity of the owners, many sculptures and works of art from all over the world will find their place and give an identity multicultural at this place unique and Magic . ​ Take the time to appreciate the subtle work that has been done on the lines and the curves . ​ We found the house (and garden) of our dreams :) Back to projects Vidéo jardin fini Next project

  • Architecte paysagiste | Rénovation moulin et son jaridn | Gordes | Provence | IDO Jardins

    Garden renovation: Senteurs de Provence Gordes, 2015-2021. This 17th century mill was one of two windmills in the town. It was transformed into a house from mid 20th century. In 1965 a fire almost completely destroyed it. Then from 1970 to 2021, it was gradually rehabilitated by owners passionate about this place. Landscape design: The work to beautify this garden required a lot of research and patience . Indeed, unlike many of our projects, our client's request was to spread the work over several years . The first step was to structure the garden with some restanques , of the pathways and a lot of freestone constructions . Then gradually we started to plant beds (hundreds of plants each year) while integrating small Provençal touches: pergola, vegetable garden, bench, wooden wheel, sundial. ​ Today the work is almost finished and offers a unique rendering as well as a striking contrast between the old stones and the colors of the massifs. Back to projects Previous project Next project

  • Designer paysagiste | Jardin épuré et moderne dans l'ouest Lyonnais | Lyon | IDO Jardins

    Garden design: Clean lines Ecully, 2020 For this project, we worked upstream of the construction of the house with the architect in order to design a garden in total agreement with the construction, in a indoor/outdoor spirit . Landscape design: When the large bay windows are open, it is difficult to know whether you are inside or outside the house. ​ A play on materials and levels gives a unique and contemporary look to this garden. A designer swimming pool is highlighted by a sober and refined vegetation . Back to projects Previous project Next project

  • Projet termines - 20 | IDO Jardins

    ​ Landscape creation: Wow French Riviera, 2022 During my first appointment for this project, the request was simple: to make this place an unusual place that would leave visitors speechless. You will agree that there was a little work ​ Landscape design: For this we had a guideline: ”think big ". Overflowing swimming pool XXL, hot tub , designer pergola , water wall , contemporary bench , all bathed in a abundant vegetation and lush . ​ A light atmosphere unique associated with a custom furniture will magnify this " work ". After two years of work, the bet seems successful and our customers satisfied. ​ A few beautiful evenings in perspective! Back to projects Finished garden video Previous project Next project

  • Projet terminés - 34 | IDO Jardins

    Garden design: Natural The Salvagny Tower, 2022 For this project, it was the landscaper in charge of the work who contacted us. In fact, his clients were unable to project oneself and they were running out of ideas to achieve exactly the desired result. Landscape design: reinvent the spaces in multiple places to live , manage the slopes , create some pathways , hide from the vis-à-vis, always keeping in mind the guideline of our customers: a natural and flowery garden . So successful bet? It's up to you to enjoy :) Back to projects Previous project Finished garden video Next project

  • Architecte paysagiste | Bergerie totalement réhabilitée avec rénovation DIY | Luberon | IDO Jardins

    Garden renovation: Laboratory of ideas Lubéron, 2016-2021 In 2016, Olivier bought an old barn to be completely renovated , in the heart of Luberon national park . Landscape design: Garden, but also interior decoration, furniture, paintings, decorative objects. ​ This place has become laboratory of the "art ideas" of IDO gardens. ​ Creating, designing and manufacturing yourself is a real technical advantage in helping to achieve our designs by our partner artisans . Back to projects Previous project Next project

  • Projets terminés - 18 | IDO Jardins

    Garden design: From A to Z Aix-en-Provence, 2022 It is with pleasure that we found our customers 5 years after carrying out a first garden project with them . For this new challenge, we started from scratch, a virgin land and head full of dreams. A few meetings with the architect of the house and our clients allowed us to choose the guideline. Landscape design: From the first project, they were thrilled, all that was left to do was refine it all, find the landscapers and get to work, while working closely with the other trades. A large area for children (the lucky ones), a pool , A tower of the most design house , of the plantations , of the pathways , of the level games , in short, a thoughtful exterior as a whole. In less than two years, the house and the garden were finalized… so what do you think? Back to projects Finished garden video Previous project Next project

  • Projet terminés - 35 | IDO Jardins

    Creation Garden: Country design Orlienas, 2022 After having built their magnificent contemporary house in the heights of Lyon (designer architects: Cédric Hürstel for CH-Architectes and Véronique Vincent Architecte), our clients have called on our services to design a outside in adequacy with their building and the environment .. Landscape design: The entrance to the garden immediately attracts attention with a succession of raw concrete benches , from massive to keys graphics and of bins in corten custom made. The tour of the house is adorned with wooden terraces , highlighted by small designer keys (openwork wooden trellises, concrete/corten planters, colored beds). The bathing area consists of a stylish swimming pool surrounded by a stone terrace and a pool house purified in gross cement. The rest of the garden gives pride of place to vegetation . In its middle sits a large dance floor in raw wood for future frenzied evenings. Back to projects Vidéo jardin fini Previous project Next project

  • Projet en cours - 36 | IDO Jardins

    Garden design: We change all the garden Dommartin, 2021 After having nicely renovated the interior, our customers decided to contact us in order to refresh the exterior. Landscape design: There parking area has been renovated and extended to allow the maneuver of several vehicles . A stairs in oak sleepers provides access to the main entrance . Several living areas have been fitted out to the south-west of the house: A porcelain stoneware terrace for large tables . A naturally sheltered wooden platform offers a lovely view of the swimming pool below.Total relaxation ensured at the edge of this beautiful pond built custom made. In end of pretty lights enhance each area of the garden to enjoy both day and night. Back to projects Previous project Next project

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